Our Commitment

Quality is the foundation of everything we do...

... and what sets us apart.

You must be linked to great talent in order to know great talent. That is the goal of Rosier Recruitment. We aim to connect the best talent with the top businesses. It is as simple as that.


Our business is working with people, and people have different needs and desires. We don't just want to fill jobs, we want to improve businesses and careers and make life, success and growth easier. We believe that only win-win situations can truly create lasting positive relationships: Between us and our clients, but especially between our clients and their new employees.

Founder and Owner


We are not a traditional recruitment company, nor do we intend to become one. Our approach and methods differ in many ways from those of our competitors. Starting with the complexity of our positions, to our understanding of the market, to our transparency. In an industry that does not always have a good reputation, we promise to do better.

Complex Positions
The positions we fill are often very complex. Placing the right candidates requires us to have a very good understanding of the technical and scientific background.
Candidates Who Stay
We create win-win situations. We understand the desires of our candidates and help them find a job they would love. This is the only way to create something that lasts.
Fast Support
Finding the right candidates often has to happen quickly. That is exactly what we do.
Really Interersting Jobs
We offer interested candidates the opportunity for fascinating positions, at the forefront of engineering and science: Market leaders, hidden champions, development of new technologies...
Transparency and insights
Compared to most of our competitors, we have a fully transparent process for clients and candidates, as well as valuable insights into the market situation and processes.


Our approach to help our candidates

As an applicant in engineering, technology and science, your needs are our focus. No matter what your goals are, we will support you in achieving them. In doing so, you will benefit from many things, which are our experience, transparency, discretion and reliability.

70 %

of candidates achieved a financial improvement.

85 %

of candidates found their way into a leading company.


complaints received from candidates in the company history.

97 %

of candidates are still working for our customers or finished project accordingly.

*Based on information obtained to the best of our knowledge and belief. Regularly updated. No liability.

Our approach to serve our clients

Complex tasks and high demands are what set us apart. In the field we work, we need excellent industry knowledge, technical and scientific know-how, and have to know the markets. And that is exactly what we offer. All this combined is exactly what sets us apart from others.


days, on average, until the customer received the first applicants.

97 %

of candidates are still working for our customers or finished accordingly.

90 %

of our clients worked with us more than once.

*Based on information obtained to the best of our knowledge and belief. Regularly updated. No liability.

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At Rosier Recruitment, we find the most qualified and capable candidates for permanent positions and offer candidates high-potential permanent jobs in engineering, science and technology.

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Interim Management Solutions

We help companies find the right interim specialists for complex tasks in the fields of engineering, science and technology. We also support interim managers in their search for the next project.

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